At Studio 77, we’re in the business of making school prospectuses that pop. You know, the kind of digital prospectus that makes parents think, “Wow, that school looks like it’s full of fun, happy, and smart kids. Sign me up!” So, when Harris Church of England Academy in Rugby reached out to us for help with their digital prospectus, we knew it was time to put our creative hats on.

Our team of photo and video experts hit the ground running, working closely with the school administration to create a prospectus that would accurately showcase the school’s character and strengths. We scoured every nook and cranny of the school, looking for the best angles, lighting, and backdrops to capture its essence.

We shot footage of the school, including students and staff in a variety of settings that showcased their activities, achievements, and community spirit. We used both video and photos to create a diverse and dynamic collection of content, with the goal of capturing the attention of prospective students and their families.

Throughout the shoot, we worked closely with the school administration and staff to ensure that we were capturing the right message and tone in our content. We took care to feature a range of students and staff members to highlight the diversity of the school community and its inclusive atmosphere.

Once the shoot was complete, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work editing the footage and photos to create a cohesive and engaging digital prospectus. We used our expertise in storytelling and visual design to create a prospectus that was both informative and visually striking, with the aim of showcasing the unique strengths of Harris Church of England Academy to potential students and their families.

We’re thrilled to have worked with Harris Church of England Academy on this project and can’t wait to see how it helps attract new students to the school. At Studio 77, we’re passionate about creating high-quality content that accurately represents the values and character of the schools we work with. Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing out the best in every project and telling compelling stories through our visuals.